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Modal Survey is a Premium WordPress Plugin to get your visitors voice through an attention-grabber poll. Provides a lot of customization options including unlimited surveys, questions and answers with animated display. It has an ability to offer a link at the end of survey, thus much more users will fill out the poll. Also has an option to lock the screen with a dark background. With this solution, the visitors only see the website content after they answered for all questions. It has a detailed documentation, provides premium support with constant updates.

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Survey, Personality Test and Quiz with the same Plugin?


Modal Survey support correct answers and score based questionnaires as well.

Elevate User Engagement with Modal Survey Plugin

  • Animated Charts

    Various charts and bars provides a fancy display of the results, including the most popular Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Radar Chart, Line Chart, Progress Bar and more.

  • Detailed Participants Page

    Find the detailed stats about the participants on their individual page with charts.

  • Export & Import

    Export your Survey to PDF, CSV, XLS, JSON, TXT, XML. Import can be processed via JSON format.

  • Assign Scores

    Create Personality Tests and assign scores to each answers to get detailed results.

  • Correct Answers

    Create Quizzies easily with marking one or more answers as correct.

  • Visual Builder

    The admin area gives you the full control the design your surveys in minutes with Live Preview.

  • Start & Expiry Times

    Easy to set the start and the expiry times for each surveys, even specify the minutes with a comfortable Date Picker.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible

    Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

  • No Limits

    Create unlimited surveys, questions and answers, the plugin can handle many of polls, organized by a modern, structured layout.

  • Lock the Screen

    This feature lock the screen with a dark background to hide the content, therefore it is possible to force the users to fill out the survey to get access to the content.

Elevate Engagement, Enhance Insights – Instantly!

Embed & Popup Modes with Various Options

Modal Survey allows you to embed the surveys directly into the content. It can be visible when the user reach the area where the shortcode has been included or you can set it to show immediately. This modern solution gives you the ability to get feedbacks easily about even all articles or posts on your website. Thanks for the highly customizable features, provides the option to customize the width, colors, sizes and even the alignments.
It is also possible to display the survey with onClick event, like a popup.

Classic List Layout

Redirects the user based on the answer.

Personality Test

Display Individual Chart at the end of the Survey

Cumulated Chart

Based on All Participants Votes

Customer Satisfaction Survey with Rating?


You can use stars as answers to create rating questions along with any other type of questions in the same survey.

Fancy Animated Charts

Supports Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Polar Chart, Radar Chart, Line Chart and Doughnut Chart to create awesome visualization for the results. All of them are nicely animated with custom sizes and additional parameters. You can also get the survey results in text format to embed text or numbers from the survey to your article. This feature grants you, the post will be always up-to-date with the actual results.

Pie Chart

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Doughnut Chart

Polar Chart

Radar Chart

“Modal Survey is a best premium WordPress plugin that allow you to start survey on your WordPress website.”

“An extremely beautiful and useful WordPress Survey Plugin, which can show poll results in a nice animated graphical interface.”

Revolutionize User Interaction – Embrace Modal Survey Plugin Today!

  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly

    The survey always fit to the user’s device, your visitors will enjoy the same visualisation on any screen, including mobiles and tablets.

  • Social Sharing

    Offer Social Sharing feature, that will bring you more traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • Pay with Link

    You can offer a link at the end of the survey in return for the completion, as a result more visitors will participate in your surveys.

  • Grid Layout

    The answers displayed in grid layout by default, that will always optimize the space to fill out.

  • List Layout

    Switch to the Classic List Layout with a single click to display the survey in a conventional way.

  • Chained Questions

    Redirect the participants to any question in the same survey based on their answers, even to the end.

  • Conditions

    Redirect the browser or display a custom message, even show an individual chart at the completion. Create simple conditions based on the participants answers.

  • Newsletter Campaigns

    Connect to your existing Newsletter Campaigns to sign up the user automatically to your email list. Support MailChimp, Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn, Constant Contant, FreshMail, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailPoet, MyMail, SimplyCast and YMLP

  • Optional Form

    Optionally you can enable to display a form at the end of the survey to get the name and the email address of each participants.

  • Logged In Only

    This feature provides the option to allow access for the surveys to your registered members only.

  • Animation Effects

    Select from more than 30 animation effects to make your polls really attention-grabber and unique.

  • Open Text Answers

    Each questions can contains one open text answer, that allow for the users to write their own answer into a text box. Depending on the required information, you can set it to autocomplete to avoid duplications and misspellings.

  • Custom Redirection

    Automatically redirects the browser to a specified URL at the completion of the survey.

  • Shortcode Manager

    Built directly into your default WordPress WYSIWYG Editor to help you to choose from many shortcodes with custom parameters.

  • Multiple Answers

    Set the required and the maximum number of answers can be selected for each questions individually.

  • Organized Lists

    Well-organized lists for the surveys and the participants with search field and filter to speed up your work with the details.

  • Display Once

    Display once for each users or once for the users who already filled out the survey is a built-in function with a simple click.

  • Simple Update

    Modal Survey provides a custom plugin updater, that will allows you to upload the new version ZIP file, read the changelog and update the plugin smoothly in minutes.

  • Rating System

    Use it as a rating system and display stars as answers with custom defined maximum rating.

  • Cumulated Charts

    In this mode, the Charts summarize the overall votes for each answers and display them on a global or individual chart for each questions.

  • Individual Charts

    Show the results of the current participant votes with chart at the end of the survey.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Find a complete step-by-step guide in the documentation with screenshots and the explanation of each features.

Does it Support Chained Questions?

Definitely YES!

You can simply control the next question based on the answer of the participants.

Detailed Participants Page

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