The plugin able to detect if you put link in the thank you message, in this case it won’t be closed until the user click on the link.

This example also demonstrate the option to make closeable the survey.

You can also make unique style for each survey including the position.(top, bottom, center)

Offering a download link at the end of a survey is a convenient and efficient way to enhance the overall user experience. By providing participants with the option to download relevant content, such as reports, whitepapers, or additional resources, it ensures that they have immediate access to valuable information that complements their survey responses. This approach not only saves time for the participants, as they do not have to search for the material separately, but also adds value to the survey process. By offering a download link, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to providing comprehensive and useful content to their audience, fostering a positive relationship and encouraging future engagement.

Furthermore, offering a download link at the end of a survey can also serve as a way to incentivize participation. Participants may be more inclined to complete a survey knowing that they will receive valuable content in return. This can help increase response rates and ensure a larger sample size, ultimately leading to more accurate and reliable data.

In addition, providing a download link can contribute to the overall credibility and professionalism of the organization. By offering relevant and informative resources, it demonstrates that the organization is knowledgeable and authoritative in its field. This can help build trust with participants and establish the organization as a reliable source of information.

Moreover, the convenience of having immediate access to downloadable content can greatly enhance the user experience. Participants can easily refer back to the materials whenever they need to, allowing them to further educate themselves or utilize the information in their work or personal endeavors. This ease of access can save participants time and effort, as they do not have to manually search for the content elsewhere.

By offering a download link, organizations also have the opportunity to further engage with their audience. They can include additional resources or exclusive content that is not readily available elsewhere, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for participants. This can encourage participants to continue interacting with the organization, whether it be through future surveys, newsletters, or other forms of communication.

Overall, offering a download link at the end of a survey is a strategic and effective way to enhance the user experience, add value to the survey process, incentivize participation, and foster a positive relationship with participants. It showcases the organization’s commitment to providing valuable content and can contribute to the organization’s overall credibility and professionalism.